Hunasighatta-Shiragalipura road crying for attention

Hunasighatta-Shiragalipura road crying for attention

The pothole-ridden Hunasighatta-Shiragalipura Road.

The Hunasighatta-Shiragalipura Road connecting Channagiri is crying for attention.

The huge potholes on the stretch is causing inconvenience to vehicle users.

“Several villages from Hunasaghatta have been depending on this stretch to reach the Channagiri and Bukkambudi areas. The distance from Hunasaghatta to Channagiri is only 10 km through the stretch,” said local resident Belooru Naik.

“The potholes on the road forces the users to travel via Ajjampura covering a distance of 25-km,” he added.

“The stretch was developed at a cost of Rs 60 lakh when D C Srikantappa was the MP of the constituency. Now, the road is unmotorable and the authorities should develop the road," said villagers Nanjundappa, Tippeshappa, Chandrappa and Mallappa.