As India's Covid-19 tally crosses 1 crore, here's a look at the states worst hit by coronavirus

While fatality and recovery rates are encouraging, the pandemic is far from over
Last Updated : 19 December 2020, 01:49 IST

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India's Covid-19 tally crossed the 1-crore mark on Friday. The tally is only second to the United States, where over 1.7 crore people have so far tested positive for the disease. India's fatality and recovery rate stand at 1.45 and 95.40 per cent, respectively, making it the best in the world.

While Kerala was the first state to register a person who tested positive for Covid-19 on January 30, Karnataka was the first state to record a fatality due to the disease, when on March 12, a 76-year-old man from Kalaburgi, with a travel history to Saudi Arabia tested positive and was admitted to a hospital. At the time, India's Covid-19 tally was 74 odd cases.

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Just three days later, on March 15, the country reached the 100-mark for total positive cases, and towards the end of the month posted an encouraging statistic - 100 recoveries from the virus, however, it had, by then, already crossed over 1,000 cases.

It has been nearly ten months since the first Covid-19 case landed on Indian shores, and while fatality and recovery rates are encouraging, the pandemic is far from over.

As India inches close to the 1-crore mark, here's a look at the states which were hit worst by the deadly virus.

Total Cases

With one of the highest population densities in the country, Maharashtra holds the record of registering the most number of Covid-19 cases. With a total of over 18.84 lakh cases infections, a large chunk of the cases emerged from the state's capital, Mumbai, where the total caseload has nearly hit 3 lakh. The state's total positives account for nearly 19% of India's Covid tally.

Karnataka has the second-highest number of positive Covid cases, albeit half of Maharashtra's tally. A big chunk of its tally of over 9.05 lakh like Maharashtra, stems from the capital city, Bengaluru, which accounts for 3.8 lakh cases. A surge of infections after Unlock-I saw the Covid tally skyrocket in Bengaluru (Urban), which accounts for nearly 42% of the state's Covid caseload.

Andhra Pradesh, where over 8.77 lakh people have tested positive, has cases distributed across all its 13 districts, although the East Godavari district has the state's highest tally of 1,23,166 cases.

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Tamil Nadu with over 8 lakh confirmed cases has the fourth-highest number of cases in the country. Chennai, having recorded over 2.2 lakh cases so far, accounts for 27% of the state's caseload.

In fifth place is Kerala, which has thus far recorded 6,83,441 positive cases. The state that recorded the country's first Covid-19 case in the end of January, has a caseload that accounts for 6.86% of India's near one-crore cases.


Even as India's fatality rate is 1.45%, its total fatalities add up to 1,44,789.

With the highest number of cases, Maharashtra also reported the highest number of deaths due to the coronavirus. Of the near-19 lakh people that tested positive, India's third-largest state saw close to 49,000 patients succumb to the coronavirus.

Karnataka saw the second-highest number of deaths in the country. In the state that witnessed the first death due to Covid-19, nearly 12,000 people of the total 9.05 lakh who tested positive died. Tamil Nadu also registered almost 12,000 deaths due to Covid-19 from a total positive case tally of a little over 8 lakh.

The national capital, which also witnessed a fatal second-wave amid terrible smog and pollution, saw nearly 10,200 people give in to the virus out of 6.1 lakh individuals tested positive.

West Bengal, which has a relatively lower positive case total of 5.3 lakh, stood in the top five states with the highest number of deaths. Over 9,200 individuals lost their lives to Covid-19.


However, India's Covid-19 curve which looked steep in the first few months seems to have flattened out in the past few months. India's total recoveries now stand at 95,20,827, which is a recovery rate of 95.40%.

Among the states, Andhra Pradesh has the best recovery rate in the country, amassing a staggering 98.68 per cent. Next in line is Odisha, which has posted a recovery rate of 98.59%.

Tamil Nadu has registered a 97.29% recovery rate while Karnataka have put up a respectable recovery rate of 96.99%.

Delhi, considered one of the worst-hit in the last few montsh owing to the virus underlined by low temperatures and shortage of hospital beds, showcased a recovery rate of 96.35%.

While a number of states and union territories witnessed even better recovery rates, they also had some of the lowest case tallies. Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, for example, posted a recovery rate of 99.49%, but had only seen a total of 3361 positive Covid-19 test cases.

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