Delhi forest dept to take measures after heat kills 28 peacocks

The forest department has said a provision for food supplements and medications will be put in place to safeguard the remaining birds.
Last Updated : 27 June 2024, 17:08 IST

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New Delhi: Following the deaths of 28 peacocks at Delhi's Palam Air Force station, the forest department has said a provision for food supplements and medications will be put in place to safeguard the remaining birds.

The department has also said it has asked for weekly monitoring and frequent checks of the peacocks.

According to the forest department, 28 peacocks have died at the Palam Air Force station.

Initially, the count stood at 27, but with an additional death reported on June 25, the total has gone up to 28 since June 4.

A forest department official told PTI over the phone that measures have already been taken after the deaths were reported.

"The Delhi Zoo has provided food supplements and medication, which have been given to the Air Force for the peacocks," the official said.

The officials also mentioned that an additional amount of water has been suggested to be added along with food and medication, as the birds tend to become dehydrated due to the heat.

The department mentioned that due to the vast area, including the Air Force zone, sensor installation is impractical, making it difficult to estimate the peacock numbers.

However, it emphasised that despite this limitation, the significant peacock population still offers ample opportunities for visitors to easily observe these majestic birds.

"We will continue to monitor the situation closely, conducting checks twice or thrice a week until the rainy weather returns with the assistance of the Air Force," the official said.

"We acknowledge that the area lacks sufficient shading near the airport due to flight operations, making installation of shelters impractical.

"However, we are committed to ensuring that food and water are provided under the tree cover and other shaded areas. This approach will help the peacocks access essential resources, without being exposed to sunlight directly, thereby mitigating their vulnerability to heat stress," the official added.

The department has dispatched samples for virology tests to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, aiming at ascertaining any underlying viral causes contributing to the peacock deaths.

Post-mortem examinations have already commenced and the reports are awaited.

Published 27 June 2024, 17:08 IST

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