Ashwin Rao to play lead in ‘Photographer Pandu’

Last Updated 16 September 2018, 15:38 IST

Ashwin Rao Pallakki is making a big move in his career. He will soon be seen playing the lead role in ‘Photographer Pandu’ (PP), directed by Virat.

The actor-director who just got done with the shoot of his directorial debut ‘Curious Cases of Yedebedita’, is looking forward to a busy schedule again.

“‘PP’ is set in the 1980s and I will be sporting a retro look in it. I will be wearing bell bottom pants and long-collared shirts which will add to my character. My role is that of a photographer in the film and the story is inspired by photographer friends of the director,” says Ashwin.

Ashwin is excited about the costumes and his new look. “I have been asked to grow my hair and a moustache. This is all new to me and I am super-excited,” he says.

While he prepares for the role, Ashwin adds that he was surprised that he had been offered the lead.
“I am known for comedy and for the different characters that I have played. When the director narrated the script to me, I remember asking which character I would be portraying and he immediately said ‘You will be Pandu’. I was shocked but since then I have been thrilled,” he says.

Ashwin had to turn down multiple films while he was working on ‘Curious Cases of Yedebedita’.

“Sometimes, there would be internal issues and the shoot would get held up. There are times when I have regretted turning down films because I felt that I could have used my time more effectively. But when I see how the film has shaped up I am content,” he adds.

Ashwin faced many challenges while directing the project he was working on. “I am glad that the film has come out well. I learnt a lot from the project. While an ?” actor only has to focus on his character and does not carry the burden of the project entirely, a director has to helm the film and take care of intrinsic details. From the sets to post-production there is a lot that has to be looked into when making a film,” he says.

Playing dual roles on a set can be quite taxing, says the actor. “I enjoyed the experience and have learnt that it is not an easy job.”

Ashwin plans to slow down on directing movies and will be taking up more acting projects soon. “Directing a film easily takes about 7 to 8 months but in this time, one can easily work on five or more projects.

While I hope to continue directing films at least once in two years, I want to work towards being a better actor now,” he says. The actor points out that it takes a lot of time for a director to get noticed till he has a popular actor working on his project. “Acting helps get more recognition and fame comparing to being a director,” adds Ashwin.

(Published 14 September 2018, 12:27 IST)

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