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Last Updated 16 October 2018, 15:06 IST

As a young boy, I always dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot. But destiny had other plans for me.

What started as a tryst with my mother in the kitchen, led to a whirlwind career, spanning in some of the world’s best hotel chains. After graduating from IHM Mumbai, where my head of department chef Vernon Coelho inspired me, I went on to begin my career as a trainee chef at The Park Hotels in Kolkata.

For someone new in the industry, I faced a number of challenges but they only helped me in my journey. It’s my patience, hard work and honest nature that became my driving force.
Over the years, I worked with Marriott International and the Taj Hotels, Palaces, Resorts and Safari. A special shout out to my mentor chef Jaydeep Mukherjee who taught me everything I needed to know along the way. I now work as the executive chef at Glocal Junction. I’d like to believe that I have used my vast knowledge of food to introduce concepts like pot meals and a special home delivery menu. In fact, I am currently developing a multi-cuisine eggetarian range of dishes.

I specialise in Italian, European and American cuisine but I have a soft corner for Asian cuisine, especially Thai, Cantonese and Indonesian. To build my knowledge and push myself further, I am planning to master the nuances of Indonesian cuisine next.

When I’m not busy with work, I enjoy riding bikes, reading, photography and watching wildlife documentaries. I believe in taking each day as it comes and hopefully, that will help me live life to the fullest.

The recipe shared today is of Spaghetti with chicken salami, olives and pepper which is a very simple one to make. The ingredients are easy to acquire and just the perfect dish to enjoy with your family and friends. Just make sure that you don’t overcook the pasta and use only good quality olive oil. It’s essential to use a thick bottom pan while cooking and always trust your tasting instincts. Enjoy!


Spaghetti with chicken salami, olives and pepper


- Spaghetti, 100 gm
- Olives, 20 gm
- Chilli flakes, 2 gm
- Chicken salami, 50 gm
- Chopped onion, 25 gm
- Chopped garlic, 10 gm
- Salt to taste
- Pepper, 2 gm
- Olive oil, 10 ml
- Parsley, 5 gm
- Basil, 5 gm
- Parmesan cheese, 20 gm


- Boil the spaghetti in water. Drain and put some olive oil, keep aside.
- In a pan, add olive oil, sauté chopped onion, garlic. Add chilli flakes and break some basil with hand and add to it.
- Add the sliced chicken salami, slices olives(Optional) vegetable stock and season with salt and pepper.
- Add the Spaghetti, toss well and finish with lots of chopped parsley and Parmesan cheese.
Serve hot.

(Published 16 October 2018, 12:22 IST)

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