Doggu, the streetie, taught them unconditional love

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Last Updated 09 September 2018, 18:17 IST

During the search for the true meaning of life, we never knew that a small fragile four-legged baby would be the answer. That’s exactly what our fur baby Doggu means to us.

He came into our lives in 2014. I used to be scared of dogs at the time, so I just smiled from nearby.

He was one among the many street dogs we had near our old house. He would drop me at the bus stop every day.

Sadly, my neighbours used to abuse and beat him up often. One day, he was taken away by CUPA as the neighbours complained he was unwell. Luckily, my sister was there when it happened and we decided to bring him home.

We shifted to a new villa as we didn’t live in a pet-friendly apartment before. It’s been two years since then.

Doggu has travelled with us to Coorg, Varkala, Hosur, Wayanad and Mysuru. We frequent restaurants, dog parks and resorts in the city. He loves to visit dams, beaches, mountain trails and also had a shopping tour. He basically owns our car and no one is allowed to drive it without our baby sitting in it.

He loves long walks. He likes to inspect every new item that has been delivered and no one is allowed inside the house till he’s done with his investigation.

He is our heartbeat and our lives revolve around him. The way he loves us without any judgement is the truth behind true love. Whoever said that true love does not exist must have never loved the four-legged babies. He is our one word for happiness. People say he is lucky for his journey from the streets to royalty, but we know that we have been lucky to be chosen by him.

Doggu is and will forever be the heart of our family and one look from him makes us forget everything. His birthday falls in October which is one of the best days of our lives and is celebrated with lots of gifts and home-baked cake and a trip for sure because he is a travel baby.

The sole reason for the irritation which some street dogs might show is due to the ordeal that they have faced at the hands of a few irrational humans. A little love and compassion towards them, and they are ready to sacrifice everything for you. Doggu has taught us unconditional love and although we spoilt him, still he is the sweetest and most disciplined baby of our family.

(Published 09 September 2018, 11:42 IST)

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