Nithya enjoyed playing a tough cop in Sandalwood debut

The young star, who has earlier acted in a Mani Ratnam film, is entering the Kannada film industry with ‘Vrithra’
Last Updated 13 October 2019, 09:29 IST

Bengaluru girl Nithya Shri is foraying into Sandalwood with ‘Vrithra’, an investigative story set in the city. She plays an investigative officer, and says she enjoyed the freedom to add her thoughts and perspective to her character.

A trained classical dancer, Nithya has earlier worked in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’ and played a small role in ‘Solo’ before she decided to make her debut in Kannada cinema. In an interview with Metrolife, Nithya talks about what she loved about her role and more.

Tell us about your role...

How Indira (my character) solves a complicated case in just a fortnight forms the crux of the story. How her perspectives change and how the case affects her life are some of the other highlights of the film. It is interesting to watch how Indira stands her ground in a male-dominated profession. She’s strong, determined and extremely intelligent.

How did you prepare for the role?

The quick movements that were expected of the character came quite easily to me because I am a dancer. The director didn’t want a typical scene where a cop beats up rogue guys. Here, Indira uses her intelligence more than her physical strength. We’ve added a feminine touch to the cop’s role.

Was it easy for you to slip into the character?

We fine-tuned Indira’s way of walking and talking, as well as her expressions, to make her appear strong, bold and yet have an earthy feel. She’s a woman of few words but uses her wisdom to handle complicated situations. It was a challenge to pack all these qualities into one character.

You have worked with very senior actors in the film. How was that experience?

I’ve worked with Prakash Belawadi, Sudharani and Tarun Sudhir. They are fantastic people who don’t have any airs about them. I loved the way Prakash sir approached his character and was open to suggestions. Sudharani is such a nuanced actor. You understand what hard work is just by watching Tarun Sudhir. All the actors created an environment that fuelled one’s imagination, creativity and increased productivity.

On working with director R Gautham Iyer…

I admire his perseverance, patience and flawless communication. He knew exactly what he wanted from every actor and never compromised on quality. His passion and energy was quite infectious and he never lets anybody do a half-baked job.

Do you feel that Kannada film industry has a surge of new talent?

Yes. There are new scripts and newer styles of acting and the audience is receptive to this change. Earlier, the audience would only talk about how good or bad the film was. Today, they dissect the smallest details and are well-versed with the technical aspects of filmmaking. They understand the dynamics of it all. Take for instance, films like ‘U-Turn’, ‘Lucia’ and ‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’. Their formats are different and they had a fresh perspective, which the audience happily lapped up. This is an encouraging trend.

(Published 13 October 2019, 09:29 IST)

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