Desilting of Madhwa Sarovara after 16 years

Last Updated 27 April 2019, 17:55 IST

The work of desilting the Madhwa Sarovara in Krishna Mutt was taken up after 16 years.

The Madhwa Sarovara was desilted during the Paryaya tenure of the Palimaru Mutt seer Vidyadheesha in 2002-03. Now, once again, the same seer has taken up the initiative to remove the silt during his Paryaya.

The Ashtha Mutt seers have been using the Madhwa Sarovara for religious activities for centuries.

The work was flagged off recently under the leadership of entrepreneur Hariyappa Kotian. The water from the Madhwa Sarovara was drained and used to fill up a well near the Rajangann in Udupi Mutt. The sludge at the bottom of the pond was released into a drain.

15 workers

“About five pumps were engaged to lift water from Madhwa Sarovara. As many as 15 workers were seen removing the silt and filling the huge bucket attached to the crane. The silt was emptied into the waiting trucks,” said Shreesha Bhat of Palimaru Mutt.

In the past, silt was manually removed by labourers. For the first time, machines are being deployed, he recollected. He added that the seers of the Ashtha Mutt take bath in the Sarovara daily, before offering puja to Lord Krishna.

“All the fishes in the Madhwa Sarovara were released to a water-filled boat. Arrangements had been made to supply oxygen. After the desilting work is completed, the fishes will be released back into the pond,” Bhat explained.

‘Water sacred’

Water from the Sarovara – spread over half an acre – was considered sacred. Those who visit the temple seek permission from the authorities to have a dip in the Sarovara.

There is a shrine of Madhwacharya in the middle of the Madhwa Sarovara.

(Published 27 April 2019, 17:52 IST)

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