In his second coming, actor Upendra launches new party

Last Updated 18 September 2018, 17:58 IST

‘Real Star’ Upendra launched his own political party, Uttama Prajaakeeya Party (UPP), on Tuesday to coincide with his 50th birthday.

The actor launched the party at a grand event in his Kathriguppe home in Bengaluru. The party will function based on the ideals of transparency, honesty and accountability.

“Every political party has become just a symbol. People vote only for the symbols. The symbols need to change and that’s when people will start talking ideas. You’ll remember me saying this years later when the change actually happens,” Upendra said.

The UPP is his second innings in politics.

His political debut in October 2017 was stillborn when he joined the Karnataka Prajnavanthara Janata Paksha (KPJP) and relaunched it.

He quit the party due to ideological differences with its founder Mahesh Gowda. “I climbed onto the boat without realising it had a hole. Before it sailed too far, I came back,” he said. “But I have my own boat now.”

Upendra said he would either contest from the Basavanagudi constituency, where he lives, or from Kundapura constituency, his hometown.

The UPP is yet to have its own symbol, he said. “The UPP is now a registered party. Once the party gets 4-6% votes, the party will be given a symbol,” he said.

Similar to what he tried to do with KPJP, Upendra said the UPP will be an open platform for those aspiring to contest elections.

“If someone wants to contest even a gram panchayat election, the candidates can do their homework and send it to us through our website. We will announce candidates during the election time and take their ideas to the people,” he said.

The actor said he had received over 10,000 proposals already and each proposal was being reviewed.

(Published 18 September 2018, 17:47 IST)

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