Quality education is need of hour, says Justice H N Nagamohan Das

Stating that the unemployment rate in the country is on the rise, he said there is a close link between crime rates and unemployment in the country.
Last Updated 25 February 2024, 11:27 IST

Mangaluru: Retired High Court judge Justice H N Nagamohan Das lamented that inspite of India having the largest youth power in the world, the country does not have a youth policy to channelise and engage youth in nation building.

Speaking after inaugurating the three-day 12th DYFI Karnataka state conference held at Unity hall in Thokkottu, he said there is a need to utilise the youth resources effectively in the country.

About 1.5 crore employable youth are entering the job market every year. However, unemployment and underemployment rate are on the rise. There is no youth policy in the country.

The DYFI during its conference should discuss the kind of youth policy required for the country and submit it to the government and press for implementing the youth policy.

Amid the problems of unprecedented unemployment and inequality in the country, the youth are suffering due to bigotry and illusion. There is a need to create awareness at the village level to bring these youth out of its clutches, Justice H N Nagamohan Das said.

Stating that the unemployment rate in the country is on the rise, he said there is a close link between crime rates and unemployment in the country. Unemployment is also reason for increase in terrorist and communal activities, and suicide rate. Increasing the number of police stations will not help in checking crime rates. Youth should fight for pressing the fulfillment of their demands within the democratic framework of the law, he added.  

Justice Nagamohan Das said that there is a lack of quality and equal education in the country. The government should introduce equal education. Though literacy rate in the country has increased since independence, the lack of quality education is continuously haunting the country. Even the National Education Policy could not find an answer to the quality of education in the country, he felt.

He called upon the youth to raise their voice to end wars in the world and demand peace. All the countries have been investing more on their defence sector. Defence budget of the country has touched Rs 6,21,540.85 crore in the Financial Year 2024-25. With more investment in the defence sector, the government fails to take up welfare activities.

‘Read Constitution’

Justice Nagamohan Das called upon the youngsters to read, understand the Indian Constitution and act as per the aspiration of it. The real India was built after the Constitution came into existence in the country.

Amid achievements the country made since independence, the country is facing the challenges of terrorism, communalism and fundamentalism.  Youth of the country are the symbol of reforms, progress, fighting against inequality, he added.

State conference reception committee honorary president and retired IAS officer A B Ibrahim said there is a systematic conspiracy to weaken the constitution. There is a need to create an awareness on the same from village level. “Our effort to overcome communal forces that sow the seeds of communal thoughts should continue to protect the tradition of communal harmony in the district.”

DYFI State president Muneer Katipalla presided.

(Published 25 February 2024, 11:27 IST)

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