Unscientific transportation of waste irks Mysureans

Over-loaded trucks spill the garbage all over the roads
Last Updated 31 March 2021, 18:02 IST

Though the authorities concerned are setting new standards in managing solid waste, the ‘Heritage City’ is unable to transport garbage without annoying people. Heavy trucks and tractors, carrying waste and construction debris, move around the city without covering.

The stench from the garbage vehicles is unbearable. Over-loaded trucks spill the garbage all over the roads. In addition, tractors carrying construction debris to dumping yards and clay bricks too create nuisance to motorists by spreading dust.

Chandrakala Prasanna, a resident of Vijayanagar Third Stage, said that every day a truck or a compactor carries waste near her residence. “The vehicles move uncovered and many times they are overloaded, with trash spilling over the sides. Despite repeated complaints to cover the waste, while transporting, no driver or loader is bothered,” she said.

Even two-wheeler riders are affected due to unscientific transportation. Sakshath, a rider, said that it is disgusting to move behind a truck or other vehicle carrying waste. “They are not in a good condition. There will be leakage of water from the trucks, emitting foul smell and makes streets dirty. Not all vehicles are in bad condition. But, no transport vehicle abides by the norms,” he said.

Pushkar of Gokulam said, “Several tractors transport debris and clay bricks without covering them. It is difficult to go behind such vehicles due to thick dust particles. If we wear helmet, the mask gets covered with dust.”

He recommended strict action against such cases. The authorities have warned against dumping of debris at non-designated places. Similarly, vehicle owners and drivers must be warned with legal consequences, if they transport debris uncovered, he said.

An officer, assuring of taking action, said, “As per norms, waste must be covered with a tarpaulin during transportation. The city generates more than 450 tonne of garbage every day and a major portion of it is handled at the sewage plant in Vidyaranyapuram. The drivers, loaders, contractors will be warned against violating the norms.”

(Published 31 March 2021, 16:35 IST)

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