Tankers pressed into service in Shimla as water supply remains disrupted

A maximum of 606 out of the total 1,418 water schemes affected by rains were in Shimla district.
Last Updated : 11 July 2023, 09:29 IST

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Water supply to several parts of the city remained disrupted for the fourth consecutive day on Tuesday as heavy silt following incessant rains affected pumping of water.

Water is being supplied through tankers to the residents and ten tankers have been pressed into service, Mayor of the Corporation Surender Chauhan said.

Shimla received 6.58 mld (million litre per day) of water on Tuesday against the average 42-45 mld as no pumping was done from the Giri water source, according to the Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam Limited (SJPNL) officials.

Giri and Gumma are the two major sources of water, supplying an average 15 mld each but only 2.23 mld was supplied from Gumma as Chaba pumping station is damaged, Nautikhad is flooded and only one pump is working at the Gumma station.

The other four sources from where water is supplied to Shimla, including Churot, Seog, Chairh and Koti Brandi contributed 4.35 mld.

A maximum of 606 out of the total 1,418 water schemes affected by rains were in Shimla district, according to the data of the state emergency response centre.

Damage caused to transmission pipes and pumping stations, further aggravated the problem.

Pumping has been affected due to heavy silt in water sources and Shimla city is facing water scarcity, Chauhan said.

“There has been no water supply for the past three days and now there would have been no water to drink if water was not supplied through a tanker today," said a tea seller in Shimla.

SJPNL spokesperson Sahil Sharma urged the city residents to utilise water judiciously and use rainwater for non-drinking purposes. He also advised them to use water in storage tanks for drinking.

Several areas of Shimla have not received clean water for the past two days. People on Monday started storing rainwater apprehending that the situation could worsen in the coming days.

Published 11 July 2023, 09:11 IST

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