Inter-state youth exchange programme

Inter-state youth exchange programme

Nehru Yuva Kendra has organised an inter-state youth exchange programme from December 7 to 21.

Wilfred D’Souza, district youth coordinator Nehru Yuva Kendra, told reporters that Udupi soon will be a melting pot of two different cultures for those youth. Over 50 youths from Uttarakhand will land in Udupi and coastal areas to learn about its culture. This attempt would perhaps open them up to understand the other cultures in the country, he added.

This youth exchange programme is envisioned under 'Ek Bharat Shresta Bharat'-- an initiative of the Government of India.

This cultural exchange programme is exclusively reserved for youth to exchange and deliberate on different aspects of culture, which include language, art, dance, music and food. This programme is one of its kind in Udupi and it has selected 50 youths from Karnataka who will go to Dehradun and spend days from February 4 to 28 to know their culture, he said.

The Uttarakhand youths while stay in Udupi would visit MRPL, NMPT, cashew factories and others places to understand the economy of the region.

Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand youths will also be taught about 100 Kannada sentences to facilitate comprehension. Arrangements will be made at Pragathi Saudha in Brahmagiri for boarding, lodging and vehicles for the team.

This exchange project aims to benefit youths from different regions in the country to get exposed and acknowledge the unfamiliar way of life. The programme will empower youth to achieve their potentials and become trainers for other youth.

Other objectives behind this programme are to instill social values, sense of harmony, promote community service in youth and make them understand various cultural backgrounds and traditions of the other, Wilfred D’Souza added.

He also said that during the camp, boys and girls from Uttarakhand will be taken to model youth clubs in the district so that they will understand about how youth clubs are functioning to nurture talents among youth in the district.