‘Kannada faces threat from Kannadigas’

‘Kannada faces threat from Kannadigas’

The 13th district Kannada Sahitya Sammelan President Bharadwaj K Anandatheertha being taken out in a procession in Napoklu.

Kannada and Development Authority Chairman Prof S G Siddaramaiah has expressed concern over neglect of Kannada language. Many have inferiority complex about the language. 

Speaking at the 13th District Kannada Sahitya Sammelana here, on Saturday, he said people have not been taking pride in Kannada language in the recent years. “There is a notion that Kannada no longer helps to attain employment,” he said.

“Even before English and French made their presence felt in the world, a great epic was written in Kannada. There are over 6,000 languages in the world. Kannada has the capacity to stand up to any of the languages through its script, which is matter of pride for all of us,” he said.

He, further, said that there was a wrong notion that English helps one attain employment in the US. “Kannada language is facing threat from Kannadigas and not from others,” Siddaramaiah warned.

He flayed parents’ preference for English education.

“It is a tragedy that Kannada association in the US is divided on the basis of caste. The internal fight is detrimental to the language. If Kannada failed to become a medium of education, then it will disappear soon. The government should take up the suggestions given by the experts and litterateurs for conserving Kannada language,” said Siddaramaiah.

He said several private schools fine students for conversing in Kannada. “Do we need such an education system in Karnataka? IAS officials have been showing negligent attitude in implementing Kannada effectively.”

Arameri Kalancheri Mutt seer Shanthamallikarjuna Swami said, “Kannada has retained its beauty in rural villages.” 

Sammelana President Bharadwaj K Anandatheertha presided.

‘Darpana’ by C P Kaveri and ‘Daahagala Mai Savarutha’ by K G Ramya were released on the occasion.