Mann ki Baat HIGHLIGHTS: Winter is knocking on our door, PM says

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will shortly address the country via the 59th episode of the monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat'. He talks on NCC Day celebrated fourth Sunday of month of November, every year.
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    Mann ki Baat: Listen to Prime Minister Narendra Modi LIVE on AIR

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    "My dear countrymen, winter is knocking on the door. We can feel the pink of the season all around us," PM said on AIR.

    "Use the weather to your advantage to take the ‘Fit India Movement ‘forward. Many good wishes. Many thanks," concludes Prime Minister Narendra Modi on AIR.

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    "I pray that the 'Constitution Day' reinforces our obligation towards upholding the constitutional ideals and values thus contributing to nation building. After all, this was the dream of the makers of our constitution," PM said.

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    "Recently I read a story from Dhaarchulaa in Uttarakhand. That gave me a lot of satisfaction. After reading that story, I got to know how people are coming forward to promote their languages. In innovative ways…" PM said.

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    "After this historic verdict of the Supreme Court, the country has moved ahead on a new path, with a new resolve…full of new hopes and aspirations," he said.

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    "Friends, in the last edition of #MannKiBaat, we had discussed the 2010 Allahabad High Court Judgement on the Ayodhya issue. And I have referred to how we had maintained peace and harmony back then. Whether it was before the verdict, or after the verdict," saidPM on All India Radio.

    "On the one hand, a protracted legal battle has finally come to an end, on the other hand, the respect for the judiciary has grown in the country. In the truest sense, this verdict has also proved to be a milestone for the judiciary in our country," he said.

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    "My dear countrymen, young Shweta writes in from Madhya Pradesh on #NaMoApp. She says, you have not yet shared with us scheduled date for your next interaction on examinations. Please schedule it at the earliest. If possible, please schedule it in January," PM Modi said in his programme Mann ki Baat.

    "Friends, we have to banish the fear of examinations collectively. I want to see my young friends smiling during examinations, their parents should be stress-free, teachers should be assured," he said.

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    "My dear countrymen, Pushkaram, Pushkaraalu, Pushkaraha. – have you ever heard these terms? Do you know what these are? Let me tell you.Last year the Pushkaram was held on the Taamirabarani river in Tamil Nadu. This year it was held on the Brahmaputra river. Next year it will be held in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on the Tungabhadra river," PM explains on AIR.

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    "My dear countrymen, by now you must be familiar with the Fit India Movement," PM said.

    "Fit Indiadoesn’t mean just exercising the mind or making fitness plans on paper or merely looking at fitness apps on the laptop or computer or on a mobile phone. Not at all you’ve to sweat it out. The food habits have to change," he said.

    "I appeal to the school boards and management of all the states of the country that Fit India Week should be celebrated in every school, in the month of December," he said on AIR.

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    "Come. On this occasion, let us express our gratitude for the indomitable courage, valour and spirit of dedication of our Armed Forces and remember the brave soldiers," he said.

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    "We should never forget that Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on the 7th of December. This is the day when we pay homage to our brave soldiers, for their valour, their sacrifices; we also contribute," PM said.

    Narendra Modi also said, "Only a sense of respect does not suffice. Participation is also necessary and every citizen should come forward on the 7th of December and everyone should possess the flag of the Armed Forces on that day, everyone should also contribute."

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    "It is a Tri-services organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force. NCC means, cultivating qualities of Leadership, patriotism, selfless service discipline & hard work as an integral part of one’s character; a thrilling journey of imbibing them into one’s habits," he said.

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    "All of us know that India’s National Cadet Corps, NCC is one of the largest uniformed youth organizations of the world,"PM said on AIR .

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    "At the outset on the occasion of NCC Day, I extend my best wishes to all NCC Cadets, both former & present," Narendra Modi said.

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    "Every year, fourth Sunday of month of November is celebrated as NCC Day. Generally speaking, our young generation is more likely to remember ‘Friendship Day’, without fail. But there are many people who, equally keep in mind NCC Day," PM said on AIR.

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    "All of us know that India’s National Cadet Corps, NCC is one of the largest uniformed youth organizations of the world," said PM Modi on AIR.

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