Beautiful, inside out

Beautiful, inside out

Prevention is always better than cure. Seema Nanda suggests ways in which you can prevent acne and keep your skin healthy...

Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in the skin which leads to a build-up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Usually, genetics, hormonal changes and unclean skin are held accountable for acne.  Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in the skin which leads to a build-up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. This leads to the inflammation of pores and acne. Not one person chooses to get acne desirously, so definitely it is beyond one’s control whenever they appear. But the fact is that clogged pores are often avoidable. There’s no guaranteed way to prevent acne but these tips might help reduce the appearance and severity of your acne breakouts in between the unavoidable ones:

Start with cleansing

Cleansing your skin the right way is very important as it helps remove excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog the pores. Ideally, a mild cleanser in the morning and a cleanser for acne-prone skin with salicylic or glycolic acid in the evening should be enough. Do not overdo with the cleansing by using products with many drying ingredients because then your skin would consider that it needs to produce more oil and then the whole cycle would start again.

Include the right vitamins & supplements in your diet

Include the right vitamins for acne prevention in your diet. Vitamin A is a very effective antioxidant for acne-prone skin. Incorporating zinc into your diet comes with a number of health benefits. Vitamin C restores your skin after a major acne breakout. Selenium, magnesium, omega-3 and Vitamin E supplements keep acne at bay.

Indulge in a healthy diet

How your body processes food and how it reflects on your skin cannot be undermined.  First, eliminate sugary and processed food. Caffeine and alcohol can dry out your skin and lead to breakouts. Minimise your dairy intake to see how your skin responds. Most importantly, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water.

Don’t forget to rinse off your make-up

Make-up clogs the pores, so if you don’t get rid of make-up every night, sweat won’t have an outlet. Your skin would then be at risk for new pimples. Also, it is very important to remove make-up before a workout.

Maintain good hygiene

• Wash your pillowcases weekly. Use a sunscreen that is oil-free. Use skin products that are non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic, which means that they won’t clog pores. Try to keep hair spray or styling gel away from your face as much as possible because many hair products contain oils that can make acne worse. Switch to water-based products.

• If you get acne on areas such as your chest or back, avoid wearing tight clothes which can rub and cause irritation.

• Don’t touch your face very often when idle or pick on acne.

• Stress causes hormonal imbalance in the body, thus proper rest and relaxation are a must.

• Regularly washing your hair is mandatory to stop acne from developing, especially close to the hairline. Keep your hair off your face as hair contains natural oils which aggravate oily skin. If you wear glasses, clean them carefully each time you wash your face. Pay special attention to the parts of your glasses that touch your face.

Exercise regularly

An active body produces endorphins that make you feel good, regulate hormones increases circulation, boosts the immune system, and improves the functionality of all your internal organs. All this improves the body’s immunity and flushes your system of toxins and waste. Always shower after exercise to remove sweat and dirt from your skin.

Start using these tips now!

(The author is founder, director, Estetico-The Facial Bar, The Nomadic Spalon)