Bride of the season? Do this

Bride of the season? Do this

A winter bride? Here's what you can do to look your best on the D-Day

Turmeric with sandalwood can also be used as a face cleanser.

Healthy and glowing skin is what every bride wishes for. She wants to look radiant on her big day, but also on every day of the festivities. For winter brides, the season is an added challenge. The cold aggravates the vata dosha, which, in turn, increases stress, anxiety and energy depletion. The blood flow in the body is constricted and the body needs extra nutrients to balance the body temperature. It is common for brides to feed their feeling of stress and hunger by eating unhealthy foods. These practices reflect on their skin, making it look lifeless. Ayurveda prescribes ritucharya (seasonal regimes), good diet and lifestyle protocols to balance these effects.

The skin becomes dry and irritated during the winter season. If not taken care of, excessive dryness can lead to repeated allergies, rashes, eczema and dermatitis. Any existing skin condition may be worsened. Brides who want that flawless radiance should pay extra attention to their skin in the cold, ensuring it is hydrated and nourished. 

Healthy skin is a reflection of the inner constitution, diet and lifestyle. A detox of food, chemical-heavy products and stress can be beneficial to a bride’s mental status. A combination of an internal and external detox will show the best results.


Timely and fresh food intake is recommended with natural sweetening, in a controlled limited quantity, as the predominant flavour.

An adequate amount of ghee (one teaspoon in the morning) on a regular basis will nourish your skin from within.

Avoid deep fried foods as the nutrients are negated in the cooking process.

Include foods like rice, wheat, rice flour, black gram, sugarcane juice, sesame oil, ghee and milk in your diet; these are wholesome and nutrient-rich foods for winter.

Fresh fruit juices, devoid of ice/cold water, and meat soups should be taken as well.

Keeping the feet warm at all times will prevent cold, cough and fever.


Oil massage is highly beneficial in the winter as it stimulates blood flow to your skin and other parts of the body. Sesame oil or almond oil are recommended as they are deeply hydrating. However, the choice can depend on skin type and sensorial preference. A 30-minute gentle massage to the body, head or feet is considered most effective.

The applied oil should be washed completely post which, a paste of kumkuma (saffron) should be applied on the body. Turmeric with sandalwood can also be used as a cleanser.

Intensely moisturising body butters and face creams will alleviate dryness, and prevent skin conditions from erupting.

Toners, such as rose water, mogra water or vetiver water will help a bride feel refreshed while hydrating the face. It can be used repeatedly during the day.

Extreme tiredness makes the body more susceptible to illness. Thus ensuring a full eight hours of sleep will keep a bride healthy. Further, relaxation can be achieved by using calming essential oils on the pillow, in the room or during massage (mixed with a base oil).