Flower power redux

Flower power redux

Embrace the 1960s floral look

The 1960s floral trend may not be groundbreaking, but they will always be an epitome of spring, quite familiar designs, but never lessening the essence of it.

During spring, you can always count on the prototypical floral pattern getting an update. Florals always take us back to the vibrant era of the 1960s, with high-waisted bottom wear, billowy sleeves, pleats and not to forget, the signature peonies. While tiny florals on washed out pastels have always been there, fashion blogs suggest that it is time for a 1960s flower-power redux with bright shades and larger patterns.

Here are a few ways in which you can enhance your wardrobe with retro-inspired floral prints:

Concentrate on colours

To bring back the retro vibe of the 60s, pick colours that are vivid yet feminine, keep aside your soft pastels and choose garments featuring floral prints on bright yellow, tangerine, teal, navy and off-white. Additionally, vibrant blossoms and clashes of strong hues make the outfit look bolder. 

Pick the patterns carefully

While florals have been a constant in fashion news, what makes the 60s patterns so different are their distinguishable size, shape and style. Micro florals are a must have for a fresh springtime wear and a more feminine look. Small flowers give more of a solid-colour impression and work for all the body types. Keep the retro touch in your floral ensembles by sticking to denser prints on contrasting backdrops.

Work on the separates

The 60s vibrant florals look their best when worked with separates and co-ords. Instead of a one-piece ensemble like a maxi dress, try to break the look into distinguishable tops and bottoms. Layering with a floral jacket can earn extra brownie points! Also if you want to evade a splash of flowers all over you, bottoms with floral prints work the best, further team these with single coloured short kurtis or tank tops. Flared skirts and palazzos are making a stylish comeback, so consider them as an essential in your wardrobe, and pairing them with a simple top will complete the look.

Try print mixing

While 60s fashion is about large flowers and dramatic colours if things get out of hand while styling, you can always rely on neutrals. Match the colours and not prints, if colours look good together, it will make the prints look good together too. You can always count on black and white, as they go with everything.

Additionally, black and white stripes are the most neutral of prints and they work well with complex and organic floral prints too. Therefore, pair your 60s florals with neutral-toned checks and stripes for a perfectly layered look that spells quirky yet refined.

Embrace fluid fashion

Infuse an essence of comfort into your floral ensembles this season. Billowy cuts, dramatic sleeves and flowy hemlines go perfectly in sync with 60s signature florals and set the retro mood like nothing else. So opt for organic yet luxurious fabrics like cellulose fibre.

Florals keep coming back because of their fresh and natural charm. Get the 60s floral look with flowy tunic dresses, formal jumpsuits, and kurtis. Crafted from environmentally friendly, cellulose fabric, these garments exude both, refinement and sheer comfort.

(The author is head of design, Birla Cellulose)