It's all about the shine!

It's all about the shine!

This summer, be bold and blend fun and fashion with your jewellery...

Yellow is the colour of the season and so lightweight and trendy jewellery in gold will complement your look perfectly.

Subtle pieces of jewellery — everything from dainty necklaces to classic hoops — captured the scene for the most part of the year gone by. This year, with summer in full force, it’s time to have some fun with your jewellery! It’s is all about being unapologetically bold, opting for pieces that spell extravagance, colour and brightness. Bring out the bohemian vibe and wanderlust in you as gemstones, gold and enamel fall in line to capture the essence of the season. Here are some trends you should know to stay one-up on your summer jewellery this year:

Lightweight & layering are key

Taking a cue from the bohemian theme running on rampways, lightweight and layering are the keywords to remember. Stack up on multiple necklaces at once or rings and bracelets in gold — something that is a favourite with designers like Coco Chanel. However, make sure you choose pieces of different lengths to get the right look for your outfit.

Go for yellow

Yellow is the colour of the season and so lightweight and trendy jewellery in gold will complement your look perfectly. With a range of options available today in everything from 18 to 22 carat, you can go all out in experimenting with this multifunctional metal. Voluminous and bold are in this season when it comes to colours and gems, so choose wisely.

Try enamel

Summer is the time to be spunky as opposed to the layers we see in winters. Add a lot of colour and bling with enamel jewellery. Some colours you can try in enamel include white, pastels, citrus yellow, sand, beige, cool blues and coral. This season, it’s all about showing off your ultra-feminine side in a riot of colours.

Shine with gemstones

Precious and semi-precious stones, crystal and other gemstones are all set to become the fashion statement once again. Some of these will percolate into jewellery such as chokers, too. Rely on diversity and extravagance with offbeat rings, or stacked bangles and bracelets — maybe even send off some of those boring and mundane pieces into storage boxes for this season!

Go for some asymmetry

Imperfection is being embraced and how. Jewellery trends for the season ahead are also about celebrating being different. This means no more of going all out to match but finding happiness in wearing asymmetrical pieces. We are talking of jewellery that is in tune with your personality and convenience. Think denim, fringe, ruffles, and even adventure and safari. These trends are fused with lightweight gold jewellery to create a never-before effect.

Bring out the real expression of who you are this year and be creative and experimental. From chains and pendants to handcuffs and studs, get going and pick your jewellery with panache — wearing everything you love all at once but matching it all intelligently. Being bold and blending fun and fashion is our advice for you as the biggest trend this season.