Commit to be fit

Commit to be fit

FIT IN Holistic guru Mickey Mehta tells A Varsha Rao that the key to losing weight is transforming one’s lifestyle to cleanse and revitalise the body


Whether we do anything about it or not, we are all obsessed with our health and fitness. Whether it’s the bulging belly we are annoyed with, or the insufficient stamina, or even the inability to sustain any form of exercise, we all struggle when it comes to fitness. Sure, we browse the Internet for quick solutions to our nagging health problems, download countless apps to try to inculcate some form of fitness routine, sign up for gyms every year, but with the current lifestyles we are leading today, nothing seems to work. Ultimately, we are still unhealthy and stressed.

Addressing these exact concerns, Mickey Mehta, a holistic health guru and corporate life coach, has put together fun and interesting fitness routines in his latest book, Lose Weight Gain Shape.

Detailing a 28-day transformation plan, the book, Mickey Mehta says is, “the new-age Bible for wellness, especially for healthy weight management. The most ideal weight management is shedding weight by cleansing, purifying, regulating and revitalising the body. This book has a combination of western science and old ancient wisdom traditions, all packed into one.”

In an exclusive interaction, he sheds light on more aspects related to health and fitness:

Is it possible to transform one’s health in just 28 days?

Yes. It certainly is possible to transform oneself in 28 days. So in four weeks, one can drop up to 6-7 kg, if one follows the programme diligently. There are
workouts of various kinds for various days or weeks, along with different nutritional plans. This book also sheds light on how sunshine, rest, sleep, hydration, laughter and recreation can help you.

You have used terms like ‘recreational workout’ and ‘cosmic nutrition’ in the book? What exactly do they mean?

Yes, these workouts are very recreational because they are all ‘fun and frolic’. There are no equipments involved here; the exercises are stress-free, tension-free, and they are also dependency-free.

These workouts can be done anywhere and complimentary workouts to be done in the evenings. Exercises like walking, swimming, cycling, stretching and taking massages are also mentioned.

In today’s age, there are many health plans on offer. How does one choose the right one?

This book is very scientific and ancient in tradition, it’s the best of all worlds coming together and giving workouts that are simple to follow and achieve. These targets can be completely achievable should someone follow living by the law of the universe.

Our circadian rhythm, which is the unit rhythm synchronised with the universal rhythm, increases one’s own potential and energises, too. It’s all about optimising your time, potential, and the inner-workings naturally since the whole process is about naturalising one’s own self.

What’s your definition of being healthy?

My definition of being healthy is getting sound sleep at night and waking up with full energy in the morning. Being able to have a clean bowel movement, having liberated energy for exercise, wanting to go out in the open sun, breathe fresh air, spend time in nature, wanting to support life, wanting to uplift people, all of this is being healthy for me.

Could you suggest a few simple meditation techniques for people who are stressed?

There is one very good meditation technique while taking a shower or being in a pool. All you got to do is shut your eyes and let the water flow over your head and entire body while you must slowly keep breathing out, letting out, and calming down. As you calm down and relax, you compose yourself and begin to see solutions all around. These solutions can help you solve all problems. All you need to remember is that solutions are always around when problems are created. That’s technique number one.

Technique number two is wherever you are, just sit quietly. Whether it’s in a car, bus, train or office, just shut your eyes, preferably in a calm area, and just start breathing out profusely, to begin with. Then slowly let your breath fall in rhythm. Once this is done, you can literally feel calm and settled.

Listening to uplifting music would also be wonderful. Sitting out in gardens by the seaside could also be very meditative in nature.

According to you, what are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to their health?

The most common mistakes people make is neglecting their food, rest, any sort of physical activity, whether it’s exercise, workouts, recreational games, sports, or spending time in nature. These are the three most important mistakes that people make.

These three things can bring the balance back, heal you, realign you, reorganise you, and liberate a lot of energy, positivity and optimism in you.

What’s the secret of a long and
healthy life?

The secret of a healthy life is being able to wake up early, be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and greenery, looking at the sky, eating very slowly, and avoiding binging on processed and preserved foods. When it comes to food and nutrition, all I’ll say is that one must eat loads of fruits.

Fruits are great healers, vegetables are great cleansers in the raw form. Also, sleep very well, take regular massages, laugh and sing a lot.

Spend a lot of time with people, not with gadgets. Spend some time doing meditation and prayer.