It’s time to go vegan!

Here are five benefits of vegan skincare products

Vegan products have minimal adverse effects on the skin.

Consumers today are well-aware and well-read on cosmetic and skincare products they are using. They have become more vigilant about the products and ingredients used in the making of a particular product, the technology, etc, especially in cosmetics. Deeper transparency, understanding, and most importantly, safety has become a prime demand in the cosmetics space. This change in mindset has created a completely new sector of skincare: vegan products, which is completely void of any animal products and by-products. 

All natural

Processed out of natural components, vegan products have minimal adverse effects on the skin. Vegan products are naturally designed and are animal cruelty-free. These are made from natural ingredients and have various antibacterial properties beneficial for the skin. Natural ingredients used in vegan products such as ginger, aloe vera, vitamins, antioxidants, seaweed, tea tree, green tea, chamomile and seaweed gel well with the skin whereas products in which chemicals are used may cause skin irritation and skin rashes.

Veganism is becoming more popular in the modern world. From a person’s health benefits to diet to skin, a vegan programme helps in a complete overhaul of your body. Vegan, cruelty-free beauty picks are better, sustainable, and help protect innocent animals from the harsh cruelties of chemical beauty houses.

Vegan products are evolved out of natural ingredients with zero side effects on your skin alongside social benefits and supporting social causes. To maintain the natural tone of each skin type, these products are specially designed with natural ingredients that have numerous benefits. These vegan beauty products have been living up to their legacy of being 100% vegetarian without compromising on morals & beliefs. Manufacturing companies strongly believe in its heritage of being an ethical produce with a long-standing commitment to animal welfare and cruelty-free products. Here are five benefits of vegan skincare products:

1. Skin-friendly: Vegan products are a rich source of nourishment and natural goodness as they are made from plants, minerals and some safe synthetic ingredients.

2. Animal-friendly: Vegan products are not tested on animals. Yes, everyone might not be an animal rights activist, but knowing that the essentials used on your skin are not tested on animals is something anyone would welcome.

3. Chemical-free: Choosing vegan products will save you from harmful chemicals and cruel cosmetics, and make your skin glow.

4. Prevents various skin problems: Vegan products decrease the chances of skin problems such as rashes, allergies, eczemas, acne, skin inflammation and skin diseases, thanks to the absence of chemicals.

5. Keeps your skin healthy: To keep your skin healthy and radiant, follow a vegan beauty regime! Products rich in red algae, Vitamins B and E regenerate skin cells and make your skin appear more soft and radiant than ever before, and also enhances the natural radiance of dull skin.

(The author is head, training, The Body Shop India)

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