Twinning in love

Twinning in love

Be the couple everyone envies by dressing up nice and fine this Valentine’s Day. Here’s how you can do it right

If your partner dons jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers, a formal dress on you will look like a mismatch.

Have you ever wondered how some couples look perfect together while others look somewhat mismatched? In the large scheme of things, as long as you and your significant other are happy, it doesn’t matter how you look together! But on the other hand, it is always nice to be part of a well-suited couple, isn’t it?

When getting dressed, we’re so focused on how we look, we forget we’re making an entrance as a couple. We plan our outfit, our accessories down to the colour of our nail polish, but rarely do we co-ordinate outfits, and often believe that’s something best left to celebrity couples.

But when something as simple as matching outfits can make a world of difference to how we come across as a couple, isn’t it worth the effort? Surely we can make this effort once a year, on Valentine’s Day? Remember, you’re lucky to be in love! Let your love for each other reflect not just in your plans for V-day, but in your outfit as well!

Basics first

Make sure your basic look is in sync. If your partner dons jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers, a formal dress on you will look like a mismatch. If his outfit is casual, so should yours be. “Plan your outfit based on where you are going. Are you going for a casual night-out? Planning to do something sporty? Or is it going to be a formal date? Dress appropriately for the occasion,” says designer Anu Nagappa from Anu and Susan’s Boutique.

Casual or formal?

If it’s going to be a casual night-out, then jeans and tees won’t be wrong, but don’t be too casual. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all. And who says you can’t raise this simple attire by a few notches? Men, wear a white t-shirt with a black casual blazer and black trousers. Finish off the look with sneakers. Women, wear a white tee with black jeans and a black leather jacket. Take a cue from your man and wear sneakers as well.

Forget red, go all black

If you’re going somewhere formal, nothing looks sharper than ‘all black’. Men, wear a black shirt, a full-sleeve t-shirt or sweater with black trousers. Women can complement this all-black look with a little black dress. Even a colourful dress with a black jacket will work. “Wear something feminine today,” says designer Neetu Gupta, The Verandah. If both of you are in black, break the monotony by wearing a stole or accessories in another colour. “Since it’s Valentine’s Day, opt for red!” adds Neetu.

Matchy footwear

Don’t forget to co-ordinate your footwear! If he wears sneakers, so should you. If he wears loafers, see if you can also dig out loafers in the same colour. And if he wears formal black shoes, wear black heels. Forgo statement shoes for those that match your partner’s. Gone are the days when men were supposed to be taller than women in a relationship. However, as far as appearances as a couple go, couples with similar heights always look well-matched. If your male partner is your height, then wear low heels or flats. If he’s taller, wear heels to bring you closer to his height.

Don’t forget the fabric

Match colours, but fabrics? Not as much. We’re talking about leather. Unless you’re going on a motorcycle ride on Valentine’s Day, if one is wearing leather, the other should ideally stay away from leather. There is such a thing as a leather overdose.

Accessorising right

Men, leave the accessorising to women and go minimalistic. The fewer distractions on your outfit, the easier it is to co-ordinate your look with your partner. It’s best if both of you are dressed in a minimalistic fashion, with the woman wearing no more than one statement accessory so she doesn’t stand out more than her partner, and the overall look is more seamless.

Inverted dressing

If your man is wearing a red t-shirt with a black jacket or scarf over it, wear a black dress with a red jacket over it. This requires a little more thought than twinning, but the result is striking. So, if you have a jacket in an unusual colour, get your partner a shirt in the same colour and wear it together.

Bottoms up

If you’re both in jeans or trousers, it’s easy enough to wear them in the same colour. If you’re wearing a skirt and he’s in black jeans, wear a black skirt. If he’s in blue jeans, see if you can dig out a denim skirt. Don’t forget to match your bottoms all the way down to your footwear.

Just a hint of co-ordination

“I don’t take the matching thing too far,” says Anu. “But I often match my outfit to his tie. Or, if he wears a red handkerchief in his suit, I wear a red dress. We don’t match more than that because he is a conservative dresser and I like my colours!” And finally, if you’re superstitious, carry an evil eye charm. You’re going to be getting a lot of couple envy!