What’s in your holiday wardrobe?

What’s in your holiday wardrobe?

Packing for a vacation is all about including clothes that are easy to wear and versatile

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the water, carry two swimsuits so you don’t have to wear a wet one the next day.

Do you know what’s better than being a tourist? Not looking like one! More and more people are ditching the tourist uniform of t-shirt and khaki shorts in favour of stylish attire. For when you’re on holiday, you don’t just want to fly by all the tourist spots, but you want to experience life as the locals do, which means taking in some fun bars, visiting a few fancy restaurants, sampling the cuisine, the nightlife — which means giving more thought to what you’re going to pack.

If you’re going to just one place, packing is easier. But when you’re travelling to many places and expect to experience everything from sun and sand to snow, it’s trickier. Sure, you don’t want to spend your life savings on excess baggage, or break your back toting heavy baggage around as you navigate through public transport systems, but you do want to be stylish, even on vacation. And you sure as hell don’t want to under-pack and then forget something important, like that backless bra needed for the gorgeous dress you’ve been saving for this very trip!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With a few handy tips, packing for your next holiday will be a breeze:

Undergarments first!

You will be surprised to know as to how many people forget to pack undergarments! Start with them. Keep all undergarments in a bag in your suitcase. Only when you’ve finished packing, go through the undergarments one by one, match them to the outfits and remove only what you’re sure you don’t require. This is especially important for beach holidays, which mandate skimpy garments with the right inner-wear!

Large bags

A large straw tote in a bright colour will be ideal for the beach, while in the winter, a large tote in a shade to match your boots can house jackets, hats and scarves as you shuttle between the indoors and outdoors. When you pack your bag, pack your swimming gear and waterproof sunscreen in a transparent tote, so you have it all together when you hit your beach destination. Don’t forget to add a large straw hat!

Layer up

Ideally, you will want to carry clothes you can wear in all kinds of weather, which is where layers come in. Warm vests are a godsend. They will keep you warm without bulking up your bag or adding too much weight to your bags or to you! Camisoles, t-shirts and shirts can be worn by themselves when you’re at the beach, and can also work as an additional layer in the cold.

Carry one sweater and one cardigan and keep alternating between them. On cold days, wear both. Keep them in your hand-luggage. Airports and airplanes can get chilly, too. Consider investing in a good quality overcoat. It doesn’t matter how many layers you wear inside. Throw the overcoat on top, wear boots to match your overcoat, scarf or handbag and you will look sharp. A pair of gloves, a hat and woolly scarf will protect you from the biting chill. Get them all in the same colour.

Something for your feet

A pair of flip-flops, sneakers, boots and nude heels are all you need to take you from colder climes to hotter ones, and from sightseeing to a party. Sneakers are trendy and look good with summer dresses or jeans; cardigans are ideal for sightseeing and shopping at the malls. But if you’re going somewhere a little fancier, boots would be a better bet. They should ideally match your overcoat, scarf or handbag. Nude heels work great as formal footwear in warmer weather — as they go with everything.

Swimsuit essentials

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the water, carry two swimsuits so you don’t have to wear a wet one the next day. You don’t need matching cover-ups. Opt for a kaftan instead. Kaftans will keep you cool in the hot summer sun, and dry off fast if they get wet. They are lightweight, super comfortable, perfect for lounging by the pool or on beach chairs, and look fabulous, especially against the backdrop of sun and sand. The best part? They can take you straight from the poolside to the restaurant!

Don’t forget umbrellas

Are you going someplace with regular shower-spurts? Carry a small umbrella per person. If you’re travelling with children, take along one backpack per child so they can carry their umbrellas, water and everything else. Distribute the load, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

And remember…

Pack versatile clothing that can be worn in a number of ways — like a shirt, which can also be worn as a light jacket over a camisole, or a wrap dress, which can be worn over leggings, as a dress or as a jacket. Throw in a few summer dresses and shorts to go with your camisoles and mirrored sunglasses. Pair your outfits with colourful flip-flops, a large straw tote and matching hat, and you’re all set to be the next seaside stunner!