Rafale, jobs: Rahul's twin attack on Modi

Rafale, jobs: Rahul's twin attack on Modi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi speaks during the discussion on issues relating to Rafale deal, in the Lok Sabha in New Delhi, Friday, Jan 4, 2019. (LSTV grab via PTI)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday stepped up attack on the BJP government on the Rafale deal urging people to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers the questions he posed in Parliament on the issue.

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He also took on the government over reported job losses last year, saying Modi who had promised two crore jobs every year was still singing the "tune of rhetoric".

On Rafale, Rahul tweeted a video of his two questions and said, "RM (Raksha Marti or Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman) spoke for two hours in Parliament, but she couldn't answer the two simple questions I asked her."

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Using hashtag "2SawalDoJawab" (two questions, two responses), he tweeted, "watch and share this video. Let every Indian ask the PM and his Ministers these questions."

During the discussion on Rafale in the Lok Sabha, Rahul had asked who gave the offset contract to industrialist Anil Ambani and whether the defence ministry officials had raised an objection when the prime minister carried out a "bypass surgery" for the deal. He wanted Nirmala to reply in a yes or no while in her reply the defence minister accused the Congress of spreading "falsehood" on the issue.

In a separate Facebook post, Rahul sought to put the Modi government on the mat on job issue citing a media report that claimed that in the past year with almost 11 million Indians losing their jobs.

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"Breaking! 1.10 crore jobs were lost in 2018. The prime minister, who promised two crore jobs to the youth every year, is still singing 'Raag Jumla' (tune of rhetoric). If Modi ji had worked for the country instead of helping Anil Ambani loot, then the future of the youth would not have been so insecure," he said.

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