Cinema will never go out of fashion, says actor Arfi

Cinema will never go out of fashion, says actor Arfi

Arfi Lamba

Actor Arfi Lamba was recently seen in cinematographer and director Santosh Sivan’s short film ‘Dial K for Kill’. Arfi is a theatre artiste, and made his cinema debut in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. He was seen in movies like ‘Fugly’ and ‘Singh is Bliing’. He also co-owns the production house ‘Bombay Berlin Film Production’ which produced the movie ‘LOEV’.
In a candid chat, Arfi shares his experience of shooting for the short online film.

Tell us about your role in ‘Dial K for Kill’...

It is a short film produced by ARRI channel. The role is of an anti-hero who is hired to kill the daughter of a rich person. They wanted to try out a new camera and were looking for actors for the role. They asked me, but Santosh sir told me that I have a boyish look and that he wanted a killer look for the role. I was determined to not let go of the chance to work with him. I arranged a photo shoot with the help of my friend. I sent Santosh sir a few pictures from the shoot, and he immediately agreed to give me the part.

How was it working with Santosh Sivan?

I got to work with one of the best in the industry. I couldn’t believe my luck but I was also nervous at the set. After the take, I asked him if my performance was okay, and he said it was good. He even told the crew I did a good job.

Your view on the transition to online platforms...

I personally believe that there is a change in the market. There are films that are meant to be watched on television, and there are the ones for the big screen. Yes, online platforms are doing wonders for independent producers and present the work to a larger audience, but cinema will never go out of fashion. I hope they don’t take away the joy of going to cinema halls.

What’s in the pipeline?

There are two feature films and two short films.