Indian saris inspire this French artist

Indian saris inspire this French artist

Artist Olympe Thomas- Lamotte talks about different techniques employed in Indian and French art

Olympe tries to bring out feminine elements in her artworks.

Artist Olympe Thomas-Lamotte from France has put up an art show at the Alliance Francaise, Vasanthnagar. The show started on February 15 and is on till 24.
It is the French artist’s third solo exhibition in India. Her paintings are also found in private collections in France, Spain, Germany and India.

In a conversation with Rakshitha MN, Olympe Thomas talks about how her works anchor the Indian tradition and more.

Olympe Thomas-Lamotte

Tell us about your work.
I grew up with artists all around me, hence I have been into art as a kid. I took up painting professionally only four years ago. I like the figurative genre of painting. My paintings mainly feature female or feminine elements; the characters have straight faces, striving to express strong emotions through their eyes. Be it Indian architecture or animals or people, I am telling my own stories through all my paintings. A part of my life has been depicted in each of my paintings.

What are your thoughts on Indian paintings? How is it different from French paintings?
Indian and French art are completely different in terms of techniques. By using western techniques, I am trying to bridge the gap between India and France. The different

shades of Indian saris also inspire me to employ them in my paintings.

Who are the painters you look up to?
I draw my inspiration from great artists like Ingres, Monet, Gauguin, Le Douanier Rousseau, Frida Kahlo, Botéro and Amrita Sher-Gil. I connect more with Amrita’s paintings, who, like me, uses the western techniques of art to depict her inside world.

What do you like about Bengaluru?
I have been living here since five years. I stay in Jayanagar, and I love the neighbourhood. I have also developed a liking for Indian architecture, the saris and the people.

What is your advice to the aspiring painters?
There’s tight competition in each and every field now. So, it is important to stand out in whatever we do, and I would advise them to find their own style and stick to it; it will help them grow.