City girl takes on Hollywood

City girl takes on Hollywood

At 27, Harshita Reddy is a dual card member (assistant art director and set designer) of The Art Directors Guild. She has worked on Emmy Award-winning show ‘Rent’ by 20th Century Fox, HBO’s ‘Westworld’ and multiple award-winning short films.

Her fascination with the field began when she was 13, and saw the work that went behind recreating the Madurai Meenakshi temple for a Telugu film. 

When asked about the lessons she learned in this journey, she said that it was to not be afraid of approaching someone and asking questions. “The worst that can happen is they would say no,” she laughed. “But it’s worth it.”

Speaking of her work, she said that she always tries to work on films that send a social message. She took the example of her thesis film ‘Moth’ saying that it came at the time of the #metoo movement and that it addressed cultural diversity and gender parity through a female protagonist. Similarly, ‘Where The water Runs’ latest work ‘Retrieval’ addresses environmental and social issues respectively.

Harshita completed her undergrad in the BMS School of Architecture in Bengaluru and then went to American Film Institute. Coming from a conservative family, her parents were initially skeptical of her decision. She also joked about being not as good as her cousins in studies. She adds that she’d love to work in the Indian film industry.