Healing from within

Healing from within

Healing from within

When Vibha Harish was diagnosed with PCOD around three years ago, she immersed herself into research about holistic health care and understanding how her boy works and responds to these remedies. Growing up with a mother who was a homeopathy doctor, the idea of alternative medicine was nothing new to her. But as her own interest grew, she began formally looking into the idea of good health. It’s then she realised that a lot of the common problems that people were facing like sleep and bad skin need to be treated from within. That’s how she came up with the idea of CosMix. They are natural plant based mixes that you can add to your food to help combat a range of common problems -- sleep, skin, hair, gut, energy and immunity. 

Vibha began by formulating the right mix of ingredients with the help of a team of doctors and nutritionists. Once the formulae was created the next step was to source the material. “Our product comes from all over the world. I strongly believe in getting the product from its country of origin. That way it’s in it’s most natural and optimised form,” she says. 

Before it’s ultimate launch in December, it went through a rigorous testing. “The product was tested on 60 people, out of which 30 were given a placebo. The results were impressive with people who used the hair and skin mixes reporting results within two months, to those using sleep, energy and gut saying that results were visible in just a day,” she says.  

Coming from a business family she said that it took a while for her parents to be okay with her branching out on her own. “They raised me to take care of the family business but when they saw that I had found something I was truly passionate about they let me pursue it,” she says. 

Of course the anxiety of running a business was a reality for her, which she says she combats with meditation and exercise. “I greatly believe in the feedback model and being able to interact with our customers and seeing that using our products gives them confidence also helps affirm what I’m doing,” she adds. 

The herbal tasting powders can be added to a glass of milk, kheer, or a salad. “Some of our clients have even added their powders to dosa batter, “ she says. To find out more visit cosmix.in


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