Rajeeva IAS is a movie with a message, says Akshatha

Rajeeva IAS is a movie with a message, says Akshatha

The actress feels that films can communicate what is happening around the world

Akshatha Sreedhar Shastry

Akshatha Sreedhar Shastry has acted across south Indian films and that doesn’t stop her from pushing herself ahead. The artiste who is continually on the search for fresh scripts was seen as a medical student opposite Mayur Patel, in the recently released film ‘Rajeeva’.

In a candid chat with Metrolife, she talks about her role, the film and her journey in Sandalwood.

Tell us about Rajeeva IAS. 

The film talks about the struggles of farmers and the issues that they face. Most youngsters in a village only want to opt for a medical or engineering course and do not concentrate on farming. All this is discussed in the film; it is a message-oriented film. 

Should every film communicate a message? 

Yes. It is a great medium to communicate or showcase what is happening around the world. Many people come to know about a lot of things through them. ‘Rajeeva IAS’ communicates several messages including how food should never be wasted. 

Many crucial topics such as atrocities against women and rapes should be expressed through films. Of course, films can just be entertainers, but it is one of the most effective ways of spreading messages. So, why not? 

What’s your role like?

I play the role of Kasturi, a village belle who is a medical student, who supports the protagonist in his endeavours. I was tied up with other projects while ‘Rajeeva IAS’ was being shot, so it was a constant shift between the characters. I agreed to this project because I wanted to support the team and the director who was making his debut with this film; the script’s message was impressive.

Have you ever felt that you’re not given enough screentime? 

I have felt that I have not been given enough space in projects. I feel that everyone should be given a space to showcase their talent, be it acting or dancing. Film directors should understand that actresses are not only glamorous but also talented. 

Fresh faces are flooding the industry. What is some advise that you have for them?

Don’t jump for every role. Whatever role you choose to do, it should be substantial and should speak for itself. Don’t come to the industry to show off, or run behind glamorous roles. Come to the industry to prove your talent and be a good artiste. 

What are some roles you want to explore?

I want to explore roles like how actresses Deepika Padukone and Nayantara have. Each role should be distinct from each other. 

What’s next?

I will be working in a negative role soon. I look up to actresses like Ramya Krishnan who have explored all sorts of roles, and I want to do the same. I am hopeful that the audience will accept me. 

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