Sonu Gowda will play Shalini IAS onscreen

Sonu Gowda will play Shalini IAS onscreen

Sonu Gowda

Sandalwood actor Sonu Gowda is excited about her first biopic film, namely ‘Shalini IPS’. After doing varied characters, the young actor portrays a more mature look for the first time. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her role and more.

Tell us about your role...

I am playing Shalini, an IAS officer who faces trials and tribulations not from outside but from inside the administrative system.

What is different about this role?

The role required a lot of physical activity including varied exercises, archery and shooting. It was a learning experience and I am very excited about how it will roll out. I also have to do a march past which was interesting. 

Did you face any challenges?

The body language and mannerisms matter a lot here compared to delivering lines. I have to emote a lot through my eyes which is far more challenging than speaking words onscreen. I couldn’t be a typical heroine for this role. My director Nikhil Manju helped me a lot. Initially, it was tough and I used more takes. 

What was most difficult?

I am playing a real and inspiring character and doing justice to the person’s character mattered a lot to me.  

Acting in a biopic is every actor’s dream now. How do you feel?

Though every movie demands one to portray someone else, it felt great to be someone who was so inspiring. I was doubtful about why I was chosen for the role but I am excited that the project is almost done. The costume and makeup helped me fit into the character. We started in April and have 15 days of shooting left. I am really excited.

Are realistic scripts difficult to work on?

A lot of things come into consideration when it is a real story. I am super thrilled as I wasn’t expected to act but live the role. Everything has to be very natural. 

Have you interacted with Shalini Rajneesh IAS?

I have met her a couple of times and spoken to her. She was excited to know that we were working on a movie on her. She is a phenomenal person. She kept encouraging me to enjoy working in the role and do whatever the role needed me to do. I was nervous when I met her the first time but it has always been pleasant meeting her.

Something you imbibed from her?

It is not easy to do such a role with such ease. I have never seen her get angry or displeased with anyone. Despite the number of people she interacts with on a daily basis, she always maintains her composure and is a very patient person. I have always seen her with her bright smile. 

Is this your first women-centric role?

No. I had worked in ‘Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu’ earlier. It is a nice feeling to be working on a strong subject but I don’t want to be typecast. I have been seen in different films like ‘Gultoo’ and I want to continue doing that.