Tips for when you leave your pets alone

Tips for when you leave your pets alone

Tips and tricks for when you leave your pets alone

The idea of having to leave their pooches alone fills many pet-parents with guilt. Even if you want to, it can be impossible to take them everywhere. Here are a few tips on how you can make your little furry friend’s life better even when you’re not home:

Tire them out

Take your dog out for a walk or run in the park in the morning. A game of fetch can do the trick, as well. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog. Cat parents can indulge in a few games that can tap into their hunting instincts, using feather toys or motorised rats.

Leave toys

Leave as many toys as possible, as this will help them stay distracted. Treat-dispensing toys, chew toys and a ball should do the trick. Cat owners can leave cardboard boxes and paper bags for your little one to explore. A fluffy ball, and a mouse toy, would keep them occupied. You can even leave the toys hidden, so they have a little scavenger hunt.

Limit their space

Crate training your dog prevents them from having complete access to the house. It also helps with house training, because dogs have a natural tendency not to soil their den or sleeping area. Or you could limit their access to a single room, but make sure that you pet-proof the house.

In-house entertainment

Keep the radio or the television on during the day. However, be careful whilst choosing the channel — opt for some calming classical music or even a talk show, but one where no shouting is involved. Keep the volume low enough that they can hear it without it disturbing them.

Clean water and food

Leave a bowl or two of fresh water so that they don’t have to go through the day thirsty. Leave some dry food around so that they can eat if they feel hungry.

Maintain a routine

Both, dogs and cats, rely on routine. Consistency and structure allows them to be at peace about being left alone. Work may be tiring, but make it a point to spend some time with your pet. Play with them, give them some belly rubs and cuddles, and let them know they are loved.

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