Treat your warmers well this season


Unpacking your winter clothes can be a taxing task, since improper storing can often leave them with a musty smell, stains and moth holes. Follow these tips to ensure your favourite winter wear stays fresh for next year.

Let it breathe

If not stored properly, clothes tend to emanate a bad odour. Hang them outside so they get some sunlight and fresh air. You might have to wash the clothes if this doesn’t work.

Store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

Moisture or humidity can cause mold while high temperatures can fade the colours. A good spot to store them would be under your bed.

Give your woolen clothes some air to breathe

Don’t cram them in the closet or your storage bin; air keeps the fabric crisp.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a must before you store it away for the season and just before you use it. It keeps moths at bay.

Avoid using hangers

Hangers can misshape your sweaters and other woolen clothing. Folding is your best bet.

Use only cold or lukewarm water

If you decide to handwash the clothes, refrain from using hot water or bleach.

Never use high heat to dry them

Low heat on your dryer to speed up the drying of your clothes is ideal as high heat can damage your fabric.

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