Shankar suffered injury in police station scenes

Shankar suffered injury in police station scenes

Shankar Murthy plays one of the five leads in ‘Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru’.

Shankar Murthy is excited that ‘Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru’ has hit the screens. The actor believes that his role as Sanjay, one of the five leads, is bound to get him noticed. 

Known better as Sankoch from ‘Kirik Party’, the actor, who was also a part of ‘College Kumar’, believes that his character is far different from anything else that he has worked on till now. 

Shankar is portraying the role of an engineering graduate (Sanjay) who is going through a trying period in life. 

“The story goes thus — Sanjay’s family couldn’t provide for a hostel accommodation for him which forces him to stay with relatives. When his friend Manjunatha dies, the police calls the deceased person’s friends to police station for questioning. The story moves ahead from there,” he says.

Each of the five leads has their own stories to narrate in the movie. “They tell the police about the problems each of them had with Manjunatha,” says Shankar.
Shankar says that shooting for this film was quite a task. “Since the budget was constrained, we had to finish shooting in six months. Some of the scenes were really challenging, especially the ones in the police station where we had to hang upside down,” he says.

“The pain was excruciating. We realised that some scenes demanded a lot of effort from us and started preparing accordingly,” he adds. 

Shankar is excited that he has elaborate dialogues in this project, as compared to his earlier films. “I have more complex lines in ‘Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru’ compared to ‘Kirik Party’. My character was of a very quiet, innocent guy in that movie but here I am a talkative person who doesn’t hesitate to express himself,” he says. 

Rudra Prayag, Naveen, Ravi Poojari, Avinash and Shankar play friends of Sachin (who portrays Manjunatha in the movie). “The film demanded us to be in sync with each other in most scenes. We had to work on our rapport; thankfully we gelled well together quite fast. We would hang out with each other and soon became real friends,” says Shankar.

Shankar is elated that the audience is appreciating the film and his role in it.

“The film has a gripping storyline and everyone will be on the edge of their seats throughout the film. I am glad I was offered this. However, there is so much more to do,” he adds.

‘Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru’ was shot in the backdrop of actual events, including the Bengaluru Karaga.

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