View from the top

View from the top


The countdown for the eighth edition of the inter-collegiate Deccan Herald Metrolife Fashion Show has begun. Judges and guests tell you why they love to come back for another season.


Priyamani, national award-winning actor, who was a guest for one of the editions of the Metrolife Fashion Show: “There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm surrounding the Deccan Herald Metrolife Fashion Show. The show took me back to my college days when it was a lot of fun to get involved in such events. This is a well- coordinated event conducted on a grand scale.”

Raghu Mukherjee

Raghu Mukherjee, actor, “I have been judging the show for the last six years and I must say that the students have become more professional. They gain a lot of exposure through this show. I have also noticed that the students put in a lot of effort when designing the garments and choreographing an impressive show.”

Prasad Bidappa

Prasad Bidappa, fashion guru, has been a judge for the last three seasons: “This is by far the largest fashion show conducted in the city. It is indeed an exciting platform for young people who wish to enter the field of glamour and fashion. We have often found very good models from the show from the previous years and they are still working with us.”

BV Bhaskar

BV Bhaskar, Bollywood actor, “What eventually gets noticed and ensures a victory is one’s self-confidence. If you are confident about what you are wearing, it becomes fashion. Confidence is the best style statement. Remember that you don’t have to necessarily wear a jazzy outfit to make a style statement, even a simple outfit worn well can do the trick.”

Paresh Lamba

Paresh Lamba, fashion designer, who has been a part of the Metrolife Fashion Show for the last six seasons: “It has become more professional. The quality of selections is getting better with every year. I have also noticed that the participants take the show very seriously. It is also a great platform for youngsters to showcase their talent. We need such forums for their growth.”