Online counselling for stroke survivors

Launched recently, a website aims to help those in emotional distress

Sharad Kumar, founder of StrokeIndia.

A new website offers counselling to those in emotional distress, with an emphasis on stroke survivors and caregivers. BookMyCounsellor, set up by StrokeIndia, gives a helping hand to those struggling to cope.

The service was launched recently in Bengaluru by Dr Ali Khwaja, founder of Banjara Academy and well-known counsellor. Present at the launch were founders of the service, Sharad Kumar Tekalkote and Nirmal Ganesh.

BookMyCounsellor has a panel of about 100 counsellors. Its packages begin at Rs 3,200 for six online sessions and a personal consultation. Survivors are encouraged to heal on their own, and also directed to seek help from the right professionals.

The platform provides counselling to deal with problems associated with addiction, grief, marriage and relationships, sexuality, and old age. StrokeIndia is the brainchild of Sharad Tekalkote, a stroke survivor who has also written a book about his recovery. A stroke is caused by stress, but stress is caused by various factors like serious illness, addition, and office and relationship pressures.

A hale and hearty person going to work or sleeping could suffer from a stroke, he says. Caregivers bear the brunt of the problem, and nine out of 10 burn out because of the pressure. They need counselling too, he told Metrolife.

Many platforms
Counsellors associated with BookMyCounsellor may be contacted on text chat, voice and video calling, and in person.

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