‘People said I looked like Radhika in Fan's teaser'

‘People said I looked like Radhika in Fan's teaser'

Actress Adhvithi Shetty had to change 20 costumes for a song in her upcoming film

Adhvithi Shetty

After a busy year so far, Sandalwood actress Adhvithi Shetty is excited about her role in her upcoming film ‘Fan’ opposite Aryan. Just like the name suggests, her character plays the role of a fan.

In a candid chat with Metrolife, she reveals more about her role.   

A bit about the film ‘Fan’.  

The film was shot in various parts of Uttara Kannada. It also showcases various places which are associated with Shankar Nag sir. I and Aryan are fans of Shankar sir.

Is the film similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’? 

No, it’s not. In this movie, Aryan plays a TV star and my character is obsessed with him and the show. She dreams of meeting him and finding a husband like him. She befriends him on social media and what happens next forms the story. 

How challenging was this film compared to other projects?

Every film is a challenge. I’ve always tried to give my best in every project. I want others to see how passionate I am about acting.

For this film, I was away from home for a month and we had a tight schedule. In one of the song sequences, I had to change around 20 costumes. It was quite difficult.

How different was this role?

I am only a few movies old and ‘Fan’ is which I have got the most screentime. My role is very different from everything I have ever portrayed; it is a performance-oriented.

I always request for the script ahead of the shoot and practise all my scenes. I have never been to Uttara Kannada and the dialect was new to me, but I observed and kept working on perfecting the lines. I even dubbed my own lines. 

My character is a cute and innocent girl which was easy for me to play. Since I am a dancer, the song sequences were a piece of cake. 

The film’s teaser grabbed a lot of attention...

I can’t explain how encouraging and positive the feedback has been. Many also commented that I look a little like Radhika Pandit. I am waiting for the trailer to come out. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I am not someone who plans ahead. Six years ago, I didn’t know that I was going to be an actress. I just let things be.