Kiki is a freaky challenge

Kiki is a freaky challenge

Hazardous dance attempted by Kannada starlet could result in loss of life and limb

Niveditha Gowda, Bigg Boss contestant, apologised on Wednesday for uploading a video showing her doing the Kiki challenge.

The Kiki challenge, which involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing along its path, has run into a roadblock in Bengaluru and across the world.

Kannada actor and Bigg Boss Season 5 contestant Niveditha Gowda uploaded a video of herself doing the challenge, and was soon apologising for her hazardous act. She told Metrolife, “I was well aware of the harm it could cause. But I had taken all necessary precautions.” She says she was in a deserted area, the car was moving slowly and “nothing could possibly have gone wrong.”

Niveditha had earlier produced dubsmash videos, and thought she would give the Kiki challenge a try. But she is backing off now. “If there is a ban, it has my support,” she says. Niveditha pulled out her video as soon as she got to know the police were taking it seriously. “I am not promoting the challenge,” she says.

She advises people not to try hazardous challenges just because a celebrity promotes it. “They can be fatal. I sincerely apologise for taking up the challenge and posting a video,” she says.


What’s this challenge?

The #KiKiChallenge, also known as the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, involves opening the door of a moving car, jumping out and dance alongside the vehicle to the opening lines of Canadian singer Drake’s ‘In My Feelings.’ The dancer has to jump back into the car.

‘Kiki, do you love me?’ is a line in the song. The challenge went viral on June 30. Comedian Shiggy popularised the song when he posted his version on Instagram. Interestingly, the original video involves dancing but no car.


Young voices

Sumreen, lifestyle blogger

“I don’t support any ban on the Kiki challenge. There are  so many other challenges on social media that are a lot more dangerous. The government should ban them first. Taking or not taking up this challenge is completely voluntary.”


Surya , psychology graduate

“The ban on ‘Kiki challenge’ has my complete support. Jumping out of a moving car and dancing to random beats is not something a civilised person would do. All these challenges are taken up by college students, who I believe are civilised.”


Police and their kicky clarification
The police issued a warning against ‘Kiki challenge’ and urged people not to do it. Whoever runs the Twitter handle thought he was being witty when he said: “If you dance for #KikiChallenge on the roads, We’re sure of making you dance behind the bars!! Kiki Challenge may get you a KICK OF LAW not KICK OF DANCE.”

A top official hastened to say “kick” and “behind the bars” shouldn’t be taken too literally.

“We have issued this in public interest. We do not intend to jail people who have taken up the challenge. The punishment is completely subjective. Our motive is to protect people,” Anupam Agarwal, DCP Bengaluru, told Metrolife.

No fatal ‘Kiki challenge’ cases have been registered in Bangalore.


Other hazardous challenges

ALS Ice Bucket

This became a fad in 2015. The idea was to promote awareness of a disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), many, including Bollywood stars such as Sonakshi Sinha, joined in. Some had no idea of about the cause it was espousing. The challenge is to dump a bucket full of ice and water on one’s head. Physicians warned it could render unconscious people taking blood pressure medications. Several people injured themselves taking up the challenge.


Blue Whale Challenge

It was taken up mostly by teenagers and became a major cause for anxiety for parents. It involves a series of tasks to completed over a period. Slowly, many self-harm elements are introduced, with the final challenge being to kill oneself. Many countries, including India, banned the game.


Pokemon Go

This requires going in search of imaginary beings (Pokemons) that could appear anywhere in one’s surrounding: the top of a building, middle of the road or a neighbour’s house. It led to many minor accidents with players falling in the excitement of the game. It was a cause of distraction as children played it on the road and on top of buildings.

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