Pinky blends strains of Rajasthani folk with rap

Pinky blends strains of Rajasthani folk with rap

Pinky Maidasani has just sung for a Bollywood film ‘Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi’.

Up and coming artiste Pinky Maidasani has taken up the task of combining two vastly different genres--- rap and folk music--- earning herself the title of India’s first female folk rapper in the process.

Singing in regional languages enables her to connect with the audience more and ensure that the fast-dying folk arts of India get a new platform.

From starting off as a contestant on reality show ‘Indian Idol 3’ to singing for Bollywood movies, her ‘desi’ rap music is taking the Sindhi girl places.

She recently released her debut song ‘Bullet Wale Saiyaan’, an amalgamation of modern music and Rajasthani folk. 

The song is written, directed and composed by Sandy Taneja and the video has been shot in the exotic locales of Rajasthan. Rajitha Menon finds out more. 

How did you get into music?

I have wanted to be a singer, a performer since childhood; it was my only dream. I focused on and learned classical music for nine years from the late Ustad Hidzul Kabir Khan saheb in childhood. Later, I had other teachers.

How did you develop your genre of music?

As a child, I got to travel to many places within the country and had a chance to listen and observe the different sounds there. I was fascinated by the thought that our country was so musically rich; it has varied genres of folk music. That influenced me a lot.

Also, rap music and its many forms have always interested me, though my entire grooming happened in the sphere of Indian classical music. It was a mix of all these influences that made me pick up folk rap as my style.

Did you face any difficulties as a woman to make a name for yourself?

Well, I would say no. In fact, sometimes I would thank my stars that I was born a woman. People are intrigued by the idea of a female folk rap singer; they are willing to meet you once and give you a chance. Men, due to their sheer number in the industry, find it difficult to get noticed. 

Any tips for budding singers?

No matter what your style is, learn classical music — it will help you in general. Try to listen to different kinds of music, without being biased towards any particular genre. And no matter what happens, do not lose hope.

What are your future projects?

Next month, Future Wings Music is releasing another one of my singles. It is a Hindi Haryanvi folk rap romantic song. I am also collaborating with international artists for an upcoming urban folk project.