The other side of cricket

The other side of cricket

Bonding easily

The other side of cricket

Evasive: Sakshi

But the wives and girlfriends of a few of the CSK players, who have come along, are having a whale of a time, trying their hand at everything from food, lifestyle to getting a glimpse of the different cultures in cities across the country.

Metrolife caught up with these ladies and chatted with them about their experience of travelling to a different country. Though the team’s performance didn’t match their expectations, the women, all dressed in the team jerseys cheered every time the boys did well. “We have been travelling with the team this season and have seen how hard these guys work on the field. One feels sad to see them lose. But they’re positive and get back on track pretty quickly for the next game,” said Sehr Jakati, wife of Shadab Jakati from Goa.

The women also take time out to bond with each other and head out for shopping in every city they visit. “I have just arrived to meet and support my boyfriend (Dwayne Bravo) and this is my first visit to the country,” said Jordanna Hadeed and added, “the other players’ wives and girlfriends are so chilled out. I’m comfortable hanging out with them.” Sehr chipped in, “I think women bond very easily. Most of our time has gone in shopping, a lot of which we did in Chennai,” she laughed. Since they didn’t get much time to explore Bangalore, Jordanna said they’ve been enjoying the meals at the hotel and the stadium. “The only thing I was warned about before coming to India was water.

Everything else is manageable. I love Indian food, although most of the items are fried,” said  Jordanna, who is from West Indies.

With the season coming to an end, Sehr said the one thing she would take back home was the time she spent with the other players’ wives. “In Chennai, all the wives and girlfriends headed out to a dance club, it was so much fun. I don’t think I will forget that ever,” she added.   

Kimberlene, wife of CSK trainer Gregory from South Africa, has been travelling across the country with their nine-month-old daughter Leah.

“The experience has been rewarding. Our daughter has adjusted so well. It’s just the heat that’s bothering her a bit. My mother lives in Kolkata and I took some time off to visit her,” said Kimberlene, who also has her roots in India. However, the one who seemed most pricey was Dhoni’s wife Sakshi who not only played hard to get but would turn her face away each time the camera zoomed in on her.