Mixed farming helped this farmer earn good income

Mixed farming helped this farmer earn good income

Farmer Suresh Gowda cultivated ginger amid coffee plants.

Mixed farming has helped a progressive farmer at Athigere in Kottigehara village of Mudigere taluk to earn additional income and lead a content life. 

A B Suresh Gowda cultivates ginger, coffee, cardamom, pepper, banana, pineapple, cucumber on his three-acre land in addition to apiculture. 

He has been following an organic system of farming. He has cultivated coffee on his three-acre land and pepper vines are spread in the shade of trees in the estate.

Also, pineapple is cultivated across the fence in the land. In the gap between coffee plants, ginger and banana are cultivated. Cucumber is cultivated on a small patch of land in the estate.

Suresh Gowda has also been engaged in beekeeping and collects honey throughout the year. There is good demand for honey in Malnad. In fact, he gets demand from Koppa, Sringeri, Ujire for his honey. 

“Agriculture is not a loss-making business. One can fetch a good income by taking up mixed farming. The farmland should not be left fallow,” he added. 

In fact, Gowda has won the state-level award instituted by SKDRDP for beekeeping.