Centre plans study on effects of climate change on tribals

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has decided to conduct the study apprehending that tribals might fall at the receiving end of the "anticipated" adverse effect of climate change as they are in a "vulnerable state" and could be "ill equipped" to adapt to the vagaries of climate change, an official said.

"They are, as it is, in a vulnerable state, and therefore, ill equipped to adapt to the vagaries of climate change. And so, there is every possibility that they face loss of livelihood, suffer from ill health, food insecurity and so on in the changing world scenario," he said.

A critical study of "climate change vis-a-vis tribals" was necessary to consolidate the existing knowledge of tribals to adapt to climate change and identify areas for project interventions, he said, adding ministry has invited proposals from autonomous institutions and NGO for conducting the study.

"Despite their (tribals) traditional knowledge and coping mechanisms for normal changes in climate, they might be unable to face the impact of rapid change and could fall at the receiving end," he said.

The study will seek to identify bio-indicators which could help tribals recognise and anticipate climate change, a ministry official said.

It will also study traditional mechanisms and methodologies applied by the tribals to cope with climate change.

"The findings of the study will help planners to build on, as well as evaluate existing interventions," official said.

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