Naidu welcomes death penalty to child rapists

N Chandrababu Naidu said that he will be the guardian of the nine-year-old rape victim.

Taking a serious note of the Dachepally incident in which a minor girl was raped by an old man, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday warned rapists to be prepared for death the same day.

“It will the last day for you on earth. Men who behave like animals have no right to be on earth,” Naidu declared. He said that his government here afterwards would react with unbelievable alacrity in punishing rapists.

The chief minister visited the nine-year-old rape victim undergoing treatment in Guntur and assured her family for her future. Later, speaking to media, he said that he was disturbed by the rape incident.

“We needed to take a firm stand and we did,” he said. It may be mentioned that the rape accused, Subbaiah, was found hanging from a tree in a far away Daida village on the third day of committing the alleged offence.

“In awarding the death penalty, we will be careful as we have also come across a few instances of false rape cases,” Naidu said. Naidu gave the Dachepall rape victim a commitment to take care of her education till the highest degree she would study. ”She will be with her parents. But, in my personal capacity, I will be her guardian,” he said.

The state government had already paid the girl Rs 5 lakh compensation and Naidu announced another Rs 5 lakh fixed deposit in her name for her future. The government would provide the girl’s father with a job on contract basis besides allocating two acres of land to the family.

S Hemalatha, an advocate dealing with women cases in Hyderabad, said, “Instant justice may look appealing to the public but, does not fit the reality in all situations.” Meanwhile, opposition YSRCP activists organised a candlelight vigil on Saturday evening protesting against crime against the girl child.

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Naidu welcomes death penalty to child rapists


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