Condition of five-year-old turns very critical in Kerala

Condition of five-year-old turns very critical in Kerala

The condition of the five-year-old boy, who was brutally tortured by his father and stepmother, further deteriorated today.

Sources at St John's Hospital at Kattappana, where the child is undergoing treatment, said his condition was "very critical".

They said, "The boy was shifted to the bypass system today from the ventilator, but there was no improvement in his condition, following which he was again placed on the ventilator."

The child had a serious head injury, a broken leg and had wounds all over the body when he was admitted. Apart from these injuries, his body was found to have been scoured by nails.

The boy's father Sherif and step-mother Aneesha were arrested yesterday and charged with attempted murder.

The couple, who brought the child to the hospital a few days ago in a serious condition, had initially said the injuries were caused after the child fell while taking a bath. But doctors who examined the child ruled that out and informed police.

The government took a serious view of the incident, formed an official panel to draw up guidelines to ensure children's safety and said a separate law to check recurrence of such crimes would be made, if necessary.

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