Congress in Raj to felicitate those who adopt stray cow

Congress in Raj to felicitate those who adopt stray cow

In a bid to ensure cows being well kept,  Congress government in Rajasthan has decided to felicitate those who adopt stray cows on Republic and Independence days.

According to a letter issued by Directorate of Gopalan, all district collectors have been asked to motivate people, donors, NGOs, social workers and cow lovers to adopt stray cows and the department will in return felicitate them on August 15 and January 26. The letter also mentions addressing the issue during meetings held for public welfare. 

Gopalan department that works for cattle conservation, research and development believes that idea behind this move is to conserve stray cows. "We believe that more people will adopt the stray cows and undertake welfare schemes. Which is why we kept kept an initiative of honouring them on Republic and Independence Day", Vishram Meena, director, Gopalan directorate, told DH.

The letter dated on December 28 has also asked collectors to push such initiatives. "Those interested can give a proposal to the respective collectors and we can accept the doable projects and people will be given a certificate by their respective collector", Meena added. However. the cost of the cow will be decided by the local cow shelter.

Interestingly Rajasthan became the first state to have a Cow Rehabilitation ministry in BJP rule. Previously Otaram Dewasi of BJP was the first cow Minister and now Pramod Bhaya has been made the state’s cow minister by the Congress.