'Nagaland has nothing to worry over Article 371 (A)'

Nagaland governor R N Ravi meeting President Ram Nath Kovind in New Delhi on Tuesday. PHOTO HANDOUT/RAJBHAVAN, NAGALAND

Nagaland has nothing to worry in view of the Centre's move to revoke Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland governor and former deputy national security adviser R N Ravi assured on Tuesday.

This followed the apprehension expressed by several organisations that Narendra Modi government might withdraw 371, under which Nagaland and a few other states enjoy special protection.

"Some people have expressed apprehensions over the implications of development in Jammu and Kashmir on Nagaland. I would like to categorically assure you all that you do not have to worry at all. Article 371(A) is a solemn commitment to the people of Nagaland. It is a sacred commitment," Ravi said in a statement issued by Raj Bhavan.

Nagaland enjoys special protection under Article 371(A) of the Constitution which says no Act of Parliament in respect of religious or social practices of the Nagas, Naga customary law and procedure, administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to Naga customary law, ownership and transfer of land and its resources shall apply to Nagaland unless the state Assembly by a resolution so decides. The same kind of protection is provided to Assam under Article 371B, to Manipur under Article 371C, to Sikkim and Mizoram under Article 371F.

Several organisations in Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam expressed concern on Monday after Rajya Sabha passed the Centre's resolution to revoke Article 370 from J&K. Ravi's assurance could douse their apprehensions as he is said to be a close aide of Home Minister Amit Shah.


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