'I am Hitler to stop injustice': KCR

'I am Hitler to stop injustice': KCR

'I am Hitler to stop injustice': KCR

Defending Telangana government's controversial decision to hold an intensive household survey on August 19, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said he will be like Hitler to stop "injustice".

"One says KCR is Hitler, another says KCR is dictator; KCR is definitely Hitler for thieves. I want to be Hitler for the corrupt. I don't feel shy. KCR is Hitler to stop injustice. I can even be Hitler's grandfather," Rao said at a press conference here.

Talking about the proposed survey, the chief minister said the exercise is aimed at ensuring that the benefits of government programmes reach the targeted sections.

Rao dismissed allegations that the survey has been planned with a view to identifying Seemandhra natives.

"It is absolutely wrong. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi government wants to be target specific. It (the survey) is aimed at helping the people and the poor," he said.

Taking exception to certain comments being made by opposition TDP and BJP regarding the survey, Rao said the parties were raising a false alarm.

The Chief Minister asserted that the survey was aimed at ascertaining the facts and ensuring that government benefits reached the real beneficiaries.

"This survey is for identifying those who are ineligible for government benefits," he said.
There is no column in the survey form about the native place of the respondent, he clarified.

It would be good for the people if they give data during the survey, Rao said, adding that public transport buses would not run on August 19.

Meanwhile, replying to a query, he said the state government would be nice to the Centre if the Centre was nice to the state.

On the issue of the powers of the Governor in Hyderabad, Rao said the governor does not have any additional powers and the Centre cannot impose anything unconstitutional on the state.