IIT-R students find fun in 'lipstick competition'

IIT-R students find fun in 'lipstick competition'

Stress buster

At the ‘mahotsav’ (the annual fest of institute), students organised a ‘lipstick competition’ for the boys and girls on Friday, the inaugural day of the three-day fest.

A large number of students took part in the competition where boys were required to hold lipsticks with their lips and colour the lips of their female partners.

Obviously, the boys worked very hard. Students who had arrived to take part in the fest from various engineering colleges across the country enjoyed the competition. They had never seen anything like this, according to eyewitnesses. “It is a way to reduce tension...such competitions go a long way in relaxing the students and refreshing their minds,” organisers of the competition, senior students of IIT-R, said.

Management unhappy

The IIT-R management, however, was not very happy at the students’ way of tackling tension. The management took a serious view of the matter and suspended as many as five students, IIT-R sources said. A committee has also been set up to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

A senior official of the institute, associated with students’ welfare, said such competition should not have been organised. “Organising different programmes during the fest is the responsibility of the students....The teachers have nothing to do this,” he quipped. “There are fill-in programmes...apparently it is an informal competition organised by the students themselves,” the official added.