Man divorces wife for not buying new dresses

Man divorces wife for not buying new dresses

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A woman could not give her jailed hubby a new set of 'kurta-pajama' (a popular dress), which made the latter so angry that he divorced her through the outlawed 'triple talaq' (pronouncing talaq three times in one go).

According to the reports, the husband, Zulfiqar alias Kalwa, a resident of Nauner village in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad district, about 350 kilometres from here, had been lodged in the district jail since 2014 after being convicted in a murder case.

His wife Fatima (name changed), who had four children, made two ends meet by doing petty household jobs.

She had gone to visit her husband in the jail on the occasion of Eid festival a few days back. The poor woman could not buy new clothes for jailed Zulfiqar apparently owing to her poverty.

Zulfiqar was very angry when he came to know that she had not brought him a new 'kurta-pajama' which Muslims traditionally wear on Eid, reports said.

A few days later she received a letter from Zulfiqar informing her that he was giving her divorce. He wrote the word 'talaq' three times in the letter.

The letter was delivered to her by two residents of her village, who had gone to meet Zulfiqar in the jail, reports said.

A stunned Fatima lodged a complaint against her husband with the police in this regard. Police sources said that the matter was being investigated. She told the cops that she could not buy new clothes for her children also.