Jumla bells, jumla bells, jumlas all the way: Congress

Jumla bells, jumla bells, jumlas all the way: Congress

On the festive day of Christmas, many exchange gifts and greetings, make a wish to Santa and hope for a better New year. Congress took this opportunity to take a jibe at BJP and tweeted cartoons of PM Narendra Modi and Union ministers Amit Shah, Nirmala Sitharaman and Smriti Irani- making their Christmas wish, on Wednesday.

"Jumla bells, jumla bells, jumlas all the way 
Oh what fun it is to see what an honest govt might say" tweeted the Congress, along with the images.

The party went on to say, "The Modi govt has used the defence & security forces to garner votes multiple times but in reality it has done very little to improve their lives. 

When it comes to Police forces, it's the same story - remembered by PM Modi only in politically convenient times."

"As is evidenced by the growing violence in BJP ruled states, the ruling party has done little to protect citizens or provide relief & assistance to Police forces. 

Congress ruled Punjab far surpasses the national average of Police-to-Population ratio," the Congress tweeted.