My party will drive the evil away: Jagan

My party will drive the evil away: Jagan

Upping the ante against N Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy on Tuesday appealed to voters to switch on the party symbol fan so that TDP will be blown away from the electoral battle.

Addressing a string of public meetings, Reddy likened the party symbol fan to that of “Sudarshan Chakra” that has put an end to evil characters like Sisupala. "People of Andhra Pradesh are Sri Krishna personified who will press the fan button on EVMs to eject the corrupt rule of TDP to usher in the welfare state of credibility and transparency.

Raising the local issues of Polavaram, lawlessness and AgriGold, he said that he is with the people to take care of them through Nava R0atnas, nine welfare programmes.

He promised to displaced families of Polavaram project and AgriGold victims that he will take up the compensation issue and see to it that justice is done to all.

“Special Category Status (SCS) was not an issue for Chandrababu Naidu when he was a partner of the NDA coalition, and after coming out he resorts to the theatrics of Dharma Porata Deekshas seeking SCS, something which he spoke ill of for 4.5 years,” Jagan said.

He had done the same with NTR when he usurped power and party from the founder president, and during elections he shamelessly carries NTR's photo to seek votes. It was Naidu who had agreed for special package and had thanked the Centre through a resolution in the Assembly.

"Do not fall for his lies or fall into the trap of agents for short-term gains but to use the discretion and vote for credibility and switch on the fan to blow away the corrupt government," he said.